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Why Many Pharmacies Sale Rice Oil, the Truth Shocked the People!

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Two days ago to the pharmacy to the mother to buy antihypertensive drugs, encountered a strange thing, the clerk gave me a good antihypertensive drugs and then introduced me to a rice oil, said rice oil with antihypertensive effect will be more Well, may eat a antihypertensive drug, when I was scared to say recommend to me with the medicine I can accept, rice oil Shashi Hou can lower blood pressure? Of course, I did not believe it, but only bought antihypertensive drugs.





I thought this thing passed, the second time, to another pharmacy to buy medicine, or encountered a "rice oil with antihypertensive drugs," the recommendation out of curiosity, take a lot of pharmacies and found more than rice with oil drop Pressure medicine, as well as with blood fat lowering hypoglycemic.



I suddenly found, even to the supermarkets often see the location of rice oil stand more and more obvious, sales are very popular.



It seems overnight, surrounded by rice oil, and more and more pharmacy began selling rice oil, more and more families began to eat rice oil ... ... I can not help but wonder, rice oil is what the oil? Drugstore ye start to do the grain and oil business? Rice oil gnaw overnight in the streets of the popular?






Rice Oil,

We ate 100 years later








To find a pharmacy owner, he answered my doubts for me. Pharmacy owner said that rice oil can enter the pharmacy because of the medicinal value of rice oil, rice oil originated in Japan, the earliest dates back to more than 100 years ago, the Edo era, when the rice oil for medicinal purposes. Until 1938 (1933), vitamin B1 discoverer, scientist Suzuki Mitaro pointed out that "the Japanese diet lacks vitamin B1", so rice oil began to change from medicinal to edible.



A few years ago, the Japanese sub-health phenomenon in general, high blood lipids, cancer, heart disease, such as the surge in the number of deaths, accounting for more than 40% of the Japanese cause of death. Japan to improve the national constitution, in the three high rice oil development has done a lot of research work, and now, Japan more than 40% of primary and secondary school meals have been down three high oil as specified oil, such as Iwakuni, The school in Toki City.





Not only that, some time ago, the Japanese in the four collecting good quality rice oil, we do not know why, then, the Japanese Yano Hiroshi second generation of rice oil to buy things that we see the rice oil market prospects. Now which are sold rice oil, the industry has been popular such a phrase "Northeast New Sambo, ginseng, velvet, rice oil." For ordinary people, ginseng velvet gifts do not eat, but the rice oil or consumption from the.


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