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30 T/D rapeseed oil project
Time:2018-01-24 11:56
Process introduction: Huatai Machinery extraction project takes the world's extraction oil extraction core technology, independently developed to design efficient, economical and reliable process. extraction process to break through the traditional limitations, successfully adopted a series of advanced technology. Such as the use of Huatai box chain-type extractor, which can effectively achieve low residual oil, low power consumption, low failure rate of equipment for customers with ultra-low consumption and processing costs to get higher profits. extraction process using fully automatic computer control system, automatic adjustment, stable operation.
Huatai Machinery to provide you with 10-3000t / d rapeseed pre-pressing, leaching of complete sets of projects, 10-1000t / d rapeseed oil refining project; provide from the design (technology, civil engineering, electrical), manufacturing, installation, commissioning to after-sale full service; Advanced automated control system to ensure that the entire production line of automatic, smooth operation.
Business areas: soybean oil extraction, rapeseed oil extraction, cottonseed oil extraction, sunflower seed oil extraction, peanut oil extraction, rice bran oil extraction, safflower seed oil extraction, corn germ oil extraction, oil tea seed  extraction, other oil extraction, hydration degumming, lecithin drying.
Major Equipment: Box Chain Extractor, DTDC, Stripping Tower, Dryer, Condenser.
Rapeseed Oil Project

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